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Events Schedule 2017
26 - 29
Memorial Day Weekend
Northstar Horseshoe Tournament ... Saturday 11:00am Pancake Breakfast ... Sunday 7:00am - 10:00am
Bingo... Sunday
Doughboys at Center Campfire... Sunday 8:30pm
Free New Hampshire Fishing Day ... Saturday June 3rd ONLY
A gift from The State of New Hampshire
(2017 Freshwater Fishing Digest see page 9 )
Cribbage Tournament
Cribbage Tournament...Saturday 1:00pm...
(Sign up by 12:30pm)
July 4th
June 30 - July 4
4th of July Weekend
NO Fireworks Allowed.. PLEASE
Horseshoe Tournament ... (Saturday)
Bingo ... (Saturday 2:30)
Doughboys at Center Campfire...8:30pm
21 - 23
" An organization group function "
Keep It Simple Camp-Out (rain or shine)
Starts at noon on Friday and Ends at 2:00pm on Sunday
July 29
Beach Party Luau
(all registered campers are invited)
Pot-Luck Dinner (Hawaiian Dish) Saturday 6:00pm
Fun for All ...
Sept 1
Sept 4
Labor Day Weekend
Bring your Family & Friends... Fun for All...
Pancake Breakfast ... Sunday 7:00am - 10:00am
Cribbage Tournament ... Sunday 3:00pm
Center Campfire ... Sunday 8:30pm
15 - 17
30th Annual Pig Roast
Fun for the Whole Family...
Don't Miss Out!!! Reserve Early...
6 - 9
30th Annual Fishing Derby & Fall Festival
NO Fishing License Required
Fishing starts 8:00am Saturday..
Who can catch the Biggest Fish??
Pot-luck & Fish-fry Dinner... Saturday
Kids Trick or Treat (in costume)
*Events subject to change without notice*

Whether you camp in a tent, pop-up, trailer or an RV, we have spacious sites that are sure to please. Choose either grassy meadow or wooded river sites.

Columbus Day Weekend
Columbus Day Weekend
Northstar Campground Columbus Day Weekend
Kids Trick or Treat
Northstar Annual Pig Roast
Annual Pig Roast
Fishing Derby at Northstar Campground
Annual Fishing Derby
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